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A Plāce for us

A place for you and me,

Neglecting a world of deceit

To stay and be free

For a future that we wished for long.

Stick together and be merry

Till the day of our departure

Be wild, and be glee

For the goodness yet to come

Never be afraid, you see

Cause I will be with you at each step

I’ll be the moon for you, believe me

When restless nights haunt you in dreams

Don’t exhort these verses as edgy

Rather mind it as a slight form of courtesy

Pulsating pain I carried, was pretty heavy

Until you lift it off from me.

My meek gratitude has no bounds for thee…

Hence I plead for your hands,

So that we can revel and be dandy

In a place we made for you & me!


 copyright reserved : Alanjoshyaj












5 responses to “A Plāce for us”

  1. There is always a place for all of us. If there is none, we just gat to create one ourselves…

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    1. Thanks for genuinely appreciating my poem.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You welcome bro… Keep doing what you doing boss…

        Liked by 1 person

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