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Shield maiden’s child

[an unconditional love exists in those who truly hold you dear and it is not a myth at all.]

A poem of sacrifice, a poem of maternal love that wouldn't ever come second to another affection.

Shield maiden’s Child


Lay in my arms, my child

Fret not ever when you’re by my side

For, I’ll be the shield where you hide.

You don’t need to abide

By the laws that destiny guide

Cause, you shall not live upon lied,

As a delusion your fated guide.

You have the wits high as heavens to ride

 the turbulent currents that collide

Even with the Great God Thor’s pride…


So, I guess I shan’t lie

As a mother who can’t Deny,

Her love for her beloved would buy

Nothing but hopes and expectations high.


One day, her son would sigh

For a girl who’s quite shy,

Whom shares his mom’s same eye.

The resembled reflection made him cry

When his prayers soared heavenly-high,

 his mom’s tears smiled from the sky.



 © Alanjoshyaj




























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