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Why you should live your life with no regrets – a poem

He said one day you’ll leave this world behind,so live a life, you will remember ” –AVICIIThe Nights – Take a look at this. Similar to the song, the poem describes the life you should lead in order to make it a memorable one.

A Race of time

These days shall wither away
As it had done before
This time of youth fastly sway,
Towards an inevitable fall

Till that day comes to bay
Be assured to make some memories.
Cherish those times till you lay
In your destined grave.

Gather up your peers to play,
To your heart’s content
Muster up the courage and pray
For the for- long future.

Drift your desires high and say “Okay”
To the troubles that dreaded you long.
Wreak havoc, find love and, be gay
To the Wonders the world offers.

For the night is nigh and it’s touché
But you fret not, cause the dreams of youth
shall live as true till the day,
Comes of its demise.

© AJ blogs


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