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Malice – A Japanese suspense thriller by Kiego Higashino

Highly recommended Investigation Thriller Novel!

Kiego Higashino, is a Japanese author of multiple suspense thriller novels. His most famous work is The Devotion Of Suspect X , his novels are widely looked upon with reverence by readers of all ages who crave nail biting and spine chilling stories. out the novel Malice and its reviews from Amazon.

Just as the title claims, the subject matter of the book ‘Malice’ is pure hatred toward another person . The protagonist of the story is Nonoguchi, an aspiring writer who has taken up writing stories for a children’s magazine after he had left his teaching job, still his works are not depicted among mainstream writers

He became acquainted with his childhood friend and the bestseller novelist Hidaka to improve his stand as a writer. The plot thickens as the story develops further into the unveiling of unexpected events that had occured between the two friends.

The highly regarded bestselling novelist Hidaka, his friend, is identified as dead by Nonoguchi himself. He was planning to relocate to Canada, his body was found laying in the floor with signs of a plausible strangulation. The story gets a thrilling aspect because of the investigation headed by detective kyoichiro kaga, who was also Nonoguchi’s friend and his colleague while he was teaching at a school.

The book consist of chapters with varying point of views of the two characters – the protagonist and the detective. The reader is stunned with each individual’s elaborate actions to present what they believe or to conceal the real truth.

The wild goose chase goes on throughout to the climax of the story making this book a piece of undeniable wit. The cleverness of the author is showcased on every single passage of the book, the red herring concept is effectively utilised in the novel.

The true culprit is revealed by the person himself and I wouldn’t spoil for the ones who are currently reading it and for the ones who are planning to .

The novel upholds a special class among the collections of investigative works published in the modern literature.

“The relationship between teacher and student is based on illusion. The teacher is under the illusion that he is teaching something, and the student is under the illusion that he is being taught. What’s important is that this shared illusion makes both teacher and student happy. Nothing good is gained by facing the truth, after all. All we’re doing is playing at education.”

Kyoichiro Kaga in ‘Malice’

In conclusion,

The story highly depicts humanistic egoism, inferior complex and the discrete capability of humans to end the life of his own species in a whim. The readers are also questioned on subjective justification as the story guides them to several pretense events made up by a character himself. Our society is easily drawn toward fake assumptions and conclusions, this idea of ignorance is aptly conveyed in the story.

I strongly recommend this book to any fan of investigation thriller, (especially Sherlock fans) as it blows your mind at many levels , truly a page turner.

 Successfully suspense driven novel, which gives the reader a pinch of sustaining side effect to read more beyond each characters surface level.

4/5 Reviews Check out The Devotion Of Suspect X on Amazon

If you have read the novel and are a fan of Higashino, then suggest your opinions about his works in the comment box . Also let’s share some more interesting related works of the same.

What books have you read? Let’s hear about it.


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