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Dreams and delusions

Dreams could easily change to delusions, a brief story of a wailing man choosing the outcome of his fate.

In this unknown void
I found you stray under a night sky
When the cool breeze shivered through you,
I held out my arms for you
So I’d gave you the warmth that you need
I fell for you the instant you smiled at me

We laid under the Banyan tree
Looking wildly mesmerised at the starry sea
While I looked at you, I believed
You were the one for me

Your smile so bright yet so heavenly
than even those stars ,up in the sky.
The warmth it gave, did miracles
Inside my messed up mind

I felt overwhelmed, my guts twisted invert
A chill ran through my spine, when your lips touched mine
We laid there imagining things that were yet to happen
We created a reality out of a fantasy
But in the end, the reality slapped back

Our memories which I memorised
Drifted away to meaningless dreams
‘To hell with dreams, to hell with happiness’, I screamed
My cheeks blushed, I was bruised
Inside and out, nothing but aches

It’s high- time to realise how naïve ,I’ve been
Time to end it all, I decided to rewrite my fate
Mr. Death, be surprised of an uninvited one!
Took a pill out of a cupboard box
Gently squished it down my throat
Gulped, then it started
The end, the aches, the bruises
It’s healing, it’s beginning
The end is beginning…

“The world is nothing without you”, She said
What a pretense! Then, I don’t wanna live in one with you
I wish a best future for you, glad I removed myself from it
So long , farewell! to this miserable world

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