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Contradictory Social, Political &Economical Aspects Of India Through Speeches

In the speech by Shashi Taroor, The invention of india, he talks majorly about the diversity of India. India being a nation of plurality yet a nation of unity in many aspects. There is no other country in the world which sustains these differences in social and cultural aspects except India.

The national language and the popular religion is not established to be mandatory for all people, the citizens enjoy their rights to proclaim their individuality in religion, culture, ethnicity and language.

The essay states the positive impacts of the unity in diversity idea of India along with the must discussed controversial factors ie – issues that people face as citizens of india.

There are incidents of honor killing based on caste and there are unfortunate instances of lack of consideration for the minority in India regarding their religion, class and culture etc…

The contemporary society has witnessed injustice based on caste,class and ethnicity and a satisfying judicial verdict wasn’t taken.
The politics have an upperhand even in the judicial system and corruption stands as high as ever.

As an Indian citizen, it is an all-known existing undermined feature of the Indian nation.

Mahatma Gandhi had persistently claimed about the communal harmony in India.

As India stands as an example of unity in diversity to all the other countries, it’s really important to keep in mind with reverence the value of humanity professed by all religions. He believed in the non- violent teachings and ethics of all faiths.

“I am striving to become the best cement between the two communities. My longing is to be able to cement the two with my blood, if necessary. There is nothing in either religion to keep the two communities apart. In nature there is a fundamental unity running through all the diversity.

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi’s ideals were popular worldwide but it still triggered a few of his own people who lead him to his death. A person of such enlightenment wanted harmony in the insecurily repressed society of india and chaos was not an option to be pursued based on his ethics. He emphasised on the pointlessness of a specific nation for a specific community.

Co-existence, cooperation and respect among people were the only necessary principles to follow for the emergence of a peaceful nation. Though the country achieved it’s independence from the foreign clutches, it still struggles to liberate itself from the interior confinements emerged out of communal tensions.The ties of friendship between communities are in a vulnerable stage.

To dive into the economic development of the nation, Ghani has come up with an empirical researched document of the survey on every South Asian countries.

Ejaaz Ghani‘s analysis on the lagging growth in South Asian countries literally states the significance of social progress in the Indian economy. He has provided detailed information about the growth evidently seen in the south Asian countries in the recent decade .

The comparison among these countries basically puts India to shame on factors associated with lack of literacy rate in adults, malnutrition of children and lack of women participation in social,cultural and economic activities.

China and India are facing the problem of social inequalities and this is equivalent to the economic growth, yet china leads in economic growth in contrast with India because of its rapid speed in development.

Thailand and Bangladesh have successively reduced the inequality in their economy comparatively more than any other countries and this in return helped in the growth of their economy at a much quicker rate.

The three factors of growth hindrance- Reduced prioritisation of the secondary education, the increase in the number of children dying due to malnutrition and poverty, the lack of consideration to the girl child, along with gender disparity which the country faces socially and culturally has drastically affected it’s overall growth. The dowry system had profoundly affected the female gender as it had further objectified them as commodities, the patriarchal mentality pushes them to a subjugated status below men. Extreme social moralities insist on coping with unhappy affairs in a family, suicide rates accumulates over the passing years.

As a conclusion, we can be proud of the distinctive aspects of India as a nation and also be considerate on the issues that the country faces for ages since it’s invention. The people are the nation and the welfare of the people is something that is to be prioritised for the future growth of the country. A nation with such plurality may get troubled in frequent intervals but it can easily be stretched over with adequate administration from the government of the country. Rather than focussing on uphelding one’s own culture as the moving force of the country, stringent economic pulling actions should be taken inorder to make the country a sovereign democratic nation.

Apart from a college project this piece is actually a defined product of research by myself.

Thanks for reading up until here..

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2 responses to “Contradictory Social, Political &Economical Aspects Of India Through Speeches”

  1. Very interesting, I like how you’ve collated the facts and given examples, followed by a positive call to action. Really enjoyed reading it.

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    1. Thanks brthr for your kind words

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