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Get a GF using these 5 simple tricks.

Love is a wonderful creation. The origin of its abode is unknown. But guess what guys, I have found a breakthrough in this surreal concept of sensual affection.

For all my homies out there, I am beseeching you my wisdom.

A guide to snatching a girl for yourself!

1. Find the right girl

Finding the right person to fall in love is indeed a hectic task but not impossible.

2. Introduce yourself to her

Establishing yourself in a key bond with her is essential in order to snatch that lady in your bag.

3. Be genuine with her

Be the gentleman that she deserves, honesty is the best policy. Keep that as a reminder.

4. Find the appropriate moment to confess

Schedule the best place you can find on a date and prepare yourself for approaching her with maximum confidence to proclaim your feelings

5. Sorry lad, better luck next time!

The final trick is …

Completely accepting that you are single forever and that you ain’t getting yourself a girl using some written stupid rules or tricks

[just a piece of humour guys, don’t be offended in any way 😅]

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