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Nothing Lasts Forever by Sydney Sheldon

Murder, Suspense, Great narration… all in one book!

The book “Nothing Lasts Forever” written by Sydney Sheldon , is an impressive piece of work about the profession and struggles of three women.

The female characters in the book are Paige,Honey and Kate.The women are not alike in any manner, each with unique character and personality. They are doctors in a certain hospital where they cope with multiple discrimination and stress.

Gender disparities, jealousy and imprudent male dominance is clearly shown in the story. (Caution: Might inflict some pain for some misogynistic individuals)

“Women are judged inferior until we prove ourselves, and men are judged superior until they prove what assholes they are.”

‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ | Sydney Sheldon

The climax of the story is excellently portrayed but most of the readers might have expected it. The narration is the true catalyst for this book becoming a page turner for the readers.

Each and every event doesn’t mix up and baffles the reader thereby making the read a comprehensive and less boring one. An informative documentary of operations with meticulous details are dedicatedly inscribed into the plot. (Sheldon had done more than enough medical research for the story. Hats off!)

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