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Is your future all set?

Have you ever thought about the future?

What does the future have in store for you would possibly be an everlasting question.

As you approach the age of 18, life turns in a way one couldn’t imagine. All the responsibilities, anxieties, expectations will get a grip on you leaving you stranded from your idleness and carefree life.

Yes, I can relate with you because I share the same fate.

Age is a horrifying concept of reality, once you were a kid you urged yourself to become an adult but once you reached its threshold, the reality slowly slapped your brain into realisation that life wasn’t the same as you knew before.

From the fire into the frying pan, life choked your entire existence to remain part of a system which ran the world itself.

Like rats in a cage you were driven to school for education where you were molded like a brick on the wall then as you gained authority of your life, soon the system pushes you into a similar prison where you are expected to expend your daily energy in a recurring manner.

So did you decide yet about your future?

Tell me about it in the comments


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