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Existential thoughts!

You dare wish upon a Star
That falls away from you too far

Then your thoughts are delusional

And just the same makes me emotional

Hours wasted watching the dim lit heaven

Pondering a while on the significance of your life , you preferred the minute light of the gas giants to seek a solace from this apparent predicament, it is not an uncommon phenomenon.

Most of the time, your heart gets overwhelmed because of the wholesomeness these companions of the distant provides by washing the blank canvas with an elegant celestial pattern

Why are we so obsessed with them up in the sky!

Perhaps our origin gives away the answer, we insignificant beings were the products similar to these stars made up of atoms and dust.

The ever expanding universe holds a ton of secrets yet to be revealed.

The thought of loneliness radiated by this immense blank canvas will surely struck a chilly cord in your spine

©AJ blogs



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